Lost ancient homeland of the Zmee.

The ancient homeland of the Zmee, for which many are still searching. In Zoriyan, Zmee lived a hundred-fold longer, could easily fly, the light of the sun was dimmer, and the night stars were different.
Legends also abound that in Zoriyan water turned to stone. Since Zmee blood alone is blue of all the known creatures, the Azhakh-Na philosophers have come to believe Zoriyan must have been a different world to the one they presently inhabit, that is, El’A.

Mapmakers of all political persuasions constantly search for it.

PHONETIC : ˈzɒɹɪjʌn


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Lost World Tributes

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André SkoroBogáty.

The Lost World Tributes imprint aspires to publish stimulating fantasy fiction that invites reflection on Biblical themes — specifically from the supernatural viewpoint espoused by the Book of Enoch.

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