Ancient & intelligent membrane-winged serpents.

An ancient and extremely intelligent membrane-winged serpentine race. Often confused with, and derogatorily called, “dragons”, “snakes”, or “serpents” — although they are neither. Once believed to have the power of flight and hind legs before the onset of the Woebegin.
APPEARANCE: Large forward facing eyes, sensitive to sunlight that see better in low-light conditions. Males are generally red in color, and some have a chameleon-like ability for disguise. All younglings are hatched bright green: males turn progressively redder and the females acquire darker hues. Zmee wings are flexible, membranous extensions of their ribs, which run the  length of their body. Stabilizing “winglets” also spring from their neck region Zmee also have long flexible hands with 6 fingers of which 2 are thumbs, one slightly larger than the other. Hatchlings are generally 2 cubits long (3 feet, 1 meter). Adults may attain lengths of 20 cubits (30 feet, or 10 meters).
LANGUAGE : Their vocal language is unique, but may be learned by other species. These are Zmeezh and Zmiysh. Adults have snout tendrils with which they communicate in secondary sign language, particularly underwater. Most emotions are expressed through involuntary coloration of these tendrils. In advanced age these tendrils sprout from the crown as well and are sensitive enough to sense emotions of other beings even at a distance. To expose one’s crown tendrils is akin to being naked, so adults are always wearing some form of head covering.
ABILITIES : Adults need only to see an object once to work with it purely from memory. I.e., they multitask easily without the need for continued sight. Facial tendrils can also sense heat, and perceive the outline of other beings in the dark.
LIFE CYCLE : Females mate only every sixth year of their adult life — and only in the warm-water-lakes on Mount Ur-Atu. Males can breed every year of their adult life, but are always born in far fewer numbers than females.
COMMUNITY : Clustered in scattered communities exclusively of a single sex because males cannot think clearly or behave responsibly in the presence of broody females. Males are co-raised with females once hatched, but must join exclusively male communities at the age of six.
DISTRIBUTION : Scattered in secretive single-sex colonies. Not indigenous to El’A, but Zoriyan. The survivors of the Woebegin are effectively stranded, and seek to find their way home.


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