Elegant telepathic humanoids, unrelated to the Elim.

The Y’hala appear very similar to the Elim, and their young are easily mistaken for such. At 4¾ cubits, they are much taller (7 feet, 2.2 meters), more elegant, and more fastidious about their personal appearance than the Elim, though not nearly as intelligent. Excepting some loose protective cloth, such as breeches or skirts, they generally eschew clothing, and seem unaffected by any kind of weather. A distinguishing feature is some hair (or mane) across the back and torso, generally hairier legs, thicker olive-colored skin, and slender frame with long and increasingly silvery hair as they mature. Males can’t grow beards like the Ish do. Their teeth are very short and they lack canine incisors.
They live serenely and display little aptitude or appreciation for anything artistic or decorative; however, once something is learned or acquired, they eagerly share all with their kin. Their memory abilities are believed to far surpass all known indigenous species. Coupled with their delightful naïvete, they have a wisdom that sees the truth of things far clearer and more swiftly than ny other race. And they are constant star-gazers, searching for omens there.

They are mostly a silent race, preferring to communicate with hand gestures and facial signs; however, when resorting to vocal speech, they employ Y’lan, the language of the Elim. An oddity of their culture are the long monotone chants of the males. A group can chant in unison for days. No-one is sure why, and the Y’hala refuse to explain.
Children are raised in maternal communities. Males and females never pair-bond, nor have they any concept of a nuclear family like the Elim. They are often erroneously taken for a matriarchal society, since the males communally provide the females with whatever they require, and take great pleasure in doing so. While they can make obedient servants, when struck with the annual mating urge, they can disappear for weeks. Their females are commonly held to be the most beautiful of all the races, and brutes of various races (Akadian Reavers, Anaki godlings, Elim Ish) all dream of enslaving a female as a trophy.
The Y’hala are renown not only as the swiftest of humanoids, but also as those with the greatest endurance, and tolerance of pain. It’s also generally believed that many of their kind are telepathic and can communicate across vast distances. Some think their chanting plays a part in this.
Like the Wahoona, they are bitter enemies of the Zmee and will attack them on sight.
DISTRIBUTION : Never numerous. They prefer alpine habitats where the air is thin and crisp, and prefer to avoid Elim tribes and other Eloi races, whom they find too noisy.
PHONETIC : jəˈhɑːlʌ


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