Powerful apish humanoids.

A tall, hairy and powerfully muscled yeti-like Eloi species that love water, are great swimmers, yet live in trees. Either sex can easily reach 5 cubits in height (7.5 feet, 2.3 meters) when mature. Though not as intelligent as the Elim or Khalan, they certainly exceed the Y’hala for complexity of culture and language. What they lack in intellectual sophistication, they abound in other qualities such as gentleness, honesty, loyalty, faithfulness, and of course, a brute strength greater than any known humanoid.
They are the only species known to have bare-handedly killed gods or their godlings. Their language, Wahuna-roi, is comprised of a complex mix of vocal articulation — grunts, clicks, and words — as well as facial and gestures and hand signals.
Some Elim tribes share territories with the Wahoona for mutual protection, and Wahoona regularly accept roles as guardians over the children of noble families with pride.
DISTRIBUTION : the forests along the shores of the inland Sea of Eloah.
PHONETIC: wʌˈhuːnʌ


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