An otherworldly shape-shifting race with beetle‑black eyes.

An otherworldly race with beetle‑black eyes and that can take many different indigenous physical forms — if that world’s Gayan permits. Sent by The El to assist in the recovery of the world of El’A for the indigenous Elim.
With few exceptions, they can only take the form of an existing indigenous species, not some random hybrid. And the intelligence they inherit approximates that of the manifested species. To change form, they must the leave the terrestrial plane altogether, and re-acquire a new form upon re-entry. The re-entry process is both laborious and dangerous, and is therefore undertaken neither speedily nor whimsically. How they manage to change form is a closely guarded secret.
A Shinarn Overlord, however, has more power to alter the indigenous life-form pattern, such as the color of the eyes. Normally, they appear jet black.
It is not yet clear whether any Shinarn are among the rebel Elder Gods or The Fallen.
PHONETIC : ʃiˈnɑːn


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