The Zoaran Council of Oracles.

The Zoaran Council of Oracles. The highest Zmee governing body. Councilors serve till they pass away.
The High Wisdom decides who replaces them, sets the times of convening, and presides over all sittings. Typically there is one representative from each of the established academic specialties. While a majority is normally required for any resolution to pass, the High Wisdom has the power of veto and the deciding vote in the event of a tie.
However, the High Wisdom rarely exercises her veto powers, for all appointees are indebted to her and generally share her opinion. This arrangement continues to foment political unrest among the northern Zeruhuawi.

  • HEALERS — Alchemy, Apothecary, Healing & Mortuary
  • BIOTISTS — Biota (Flora, Fauna & Edibles)
  • HISTORIANS — Chronicles, Parchments & Language
  • BUILDERS — Architecture & Construction
  • LAWYERS — Law & Justice
  • LOGICIANS — Logic & Arithmetics
  • MAPMAKERS — Mapping & Geography
  • SMITHS — Metals, Minerals & Mining
  • ROD-BEARERS — Pedagogy & Younglings
  • SHIPWRIGHTS — Seas & Ships

PHONETIC : ʃʌvˈjʌt

Council of Oracles


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