Fiery ethereal Eloi whose lanky height exceeds 6½ cubits (10 feet, or 3 meters). They can appear with or without wings. The wings are composed of minute collapsible tendrils that can quickly unfurl to luminous feather-like appendages. The back, arm, and legs each have their own flexible set of wings or winglets. The coloration of each pair of wings are as unique as fingerprints, and generally appear in tones of white, orange, and crimson.
These beings are denizens of the highest heaven, and commonly make their homes in purpose-built worlds that ring their stars. The blaze of their persona can blind or burn nearby lesser beings. Thus they often appear in a pallid, blonde, diminished guise for the benefit of others, and when wings are visible in this form, the generally appear whitish. While not exactly avian, their facial features and general dimensions — skinny appendages, barrel chest, beaky nose and narrow lips — are all rather bird-like despite their obvious humanoid appearance. They are now sexless.
They are often hailed as the wisest and most spiritual of all races; the deepest thinkers who revel in endless contemplation. The humor of other races completely eludes most of their kind. As pertaining to the Woebegin sagas, they often appear in roles as strategists, or imperial messengers.
PHONETIC : ˈsæɹəf ( also as plural)


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