Great‑grandson of Enok and Deina.

The great‑grandson of Enok and Eyda/Deina, grandson of Mati, fourteenth son of Lamek (twenty-first child), and Deina’s most frequent visitor. Named Sha-Noa by Deina after the promontory where Enok was held captive by the Zmee, although his father Lamek thought a son, after so many consecutive daughters, would make his business life easier — especially after Lamek and his elder sons barely survived being crushed in a log-jam, and his elder sons having left to pursue other interests. So limping Lamek nicknamed him Noa, meaning “labor’s rest” in the local glot.

However, almost everyone else just called him Sha, though his mother and Eyda always used his full name.

MONIKERS : Sha (local nickname), Noa (Akadian nickname), or Sha-Noa formally.
PHONETIC : ʃʌˈ nəʊʌ (Sha-Noa) or just ʃɑː (Sha) or ˈnəʊʌ (Noa)

Sha-Noa, Sha


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