Wife of Lamek. Deina's granddaughter‑in‑law.

An Ishah. Wife of Lamek daughter-in-law to Mati, and granddaughter‑in‑law of Deina. Sha‑Noa’s mother.
A refugee outsider, she married later than what marshlanders considered normal because she refused to participate in an arranged marriage. Moreover, she refused to wed anyone not her equal in ambition or intelligence. Thus she secretly courted and waited for Lamek to be of marriageable age. His parents didn’t approve, but Deina intervened, for she recognized Mehet’abel for the rare and beautiful find that she was.
Thereafter she and Deina became very close, which helped heal the rift between Lamek and his parents.
PHONETIC : mɛˈhɛtˌʌbɛl


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