Small elvish gods.

A small, elvish species of invading Watchers, who stand at most 1½ cubits tall (~3 ft, 1 meter). They have large eyes and large hairless heads, but small faces. From a distance, they can be mistaken for an Elim child, to a Khalan male.
They are generally xenophobic, arrogant, emotionless and cunning, and posses unparalleled stealth. Their prowess with all things technical almost elevates them to the realm of magicians.
Technically, they would be considered among the The Fallen, though they generally keep to themselves and inhabit the lower reaches of the earth. Considered highly untrustworthy, even by the other gods. Since they all look alike, it’s presumed they are sexless since it appears they have never reproduced.
PHONETIC : ˈmɑːvɪ


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