Matu-Selah [Selah]

Firstborn son of Eyda / Deina and Enok.

Firstborn son of Deina and Enok.
Priest and chieftain of the Gihon marshlanders. Also known just as Matti by his friends and family. A former bow and arrow maker, and marksman, known as Mati Far-striker.
His flint-tipped arrows were used to strike great-beasts from afar to shoo them way. However, a fatal arrow lost its head and the sharpened shaft struck his new wife. The story quickly became legend and led to the perfection of the bow as a weapon by others, especially the Havilan amazons, and to an inferior extent the Akadian Reavers. The devastation his invention had caused tormented him, and ultimately drove him to pacifism. Many thought him cursed. He re-married to his wife’s best friend, his own generationally younger sister.
MONIKERS : Mati,  Selah, Far-striker. Respectfully termed ‘Baba’ by the Gihon Marshlanders.
PHONETIC : >mʌˈtuːsɛˌlɑː (Matu-Selah) — ˈmæti (Mati)

Mati, Selah, Far-striker


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