A widely worshiped Elder God.

An Elder God — widely worshiped by Akadians, Havilans, and a few other Elim tribes as both a fertility deity and patron of the martial life. According to widespread belief, can take either male or female forms, and is thus often represented in statue as both at once, on opposite sides of a single figurine.
Ma’nuna is intolerant of physical imperfection or ill-health, so children born “imperfect” are seen as a sign of his/her disfavor. In Akadian Reaver culture, to appease the goddess-god, captured enemies and “imperfect” undesirables are drugged with yahl and ritually sacrificed.
She is often symbolically represented by a female silhouette crowned with an upturned crescent moon.
SPECIES : a rebel Shinarn changeling.
MONIKERS : the Twain Goddess, Moon Goddess, the Goddess-God.
PHONETIC : mə’nuːnʌ


Twain Goddess, Moon Goddess, Goddess-God


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