Mother of Eyda / Deina.

Madilah the Healer.
Mother of Eyda. A relatively small, lithe, and olive-complexioned Ishah with thick ebony hair from the Keep of Nor Mayana. Believing her husband to be dead, she fled the Keep from reavers by harnessing a Great Khrii and flying through impossible storms, only to crash into the hamlet of Mayan Moud.
A swarthy and gangly unwed mendicant seer, Narad, married her when she discovered she was pregnant. They remained married for official purposes, but never coupled. What is not commonly known, and what Madilah herself did not know at the time, is that Narad was the elder brother of her presumed departed husband, Yael, and that Narad had been anticipating her arrival. Thus the child born to Madilah — Eydanah, or Eyda in the local glot  — resembled both her adopting and biological fathers.
PHONETIC : mædɪlɑː


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