Sha-Noa's father.

An Ish. Mati’s son, Deina’s grandson and Noa’s father. An influential, prosperous and extremely driven man, who is never satisfied with “ordinary.” He is credited with the discovery of pitch — the boiled sap of gowfer trees — which the marshlanders use to waterproof their reed boats and also as a fuel supplement.

Though being crushed in an upriver log jam left him hobbled physically, it made him more determined to prosper through trade while his few remaining sons took over the bulk of the physical work. He wasn’t happy that he’d fathered seventeen daughters before Noa was born, for his elder sons had found him difficult to live with and left the family island to pursue their own interests in the Grand Banks in ferrying pitch and charcoal made of gowfer limbs.

PHONETIC : læmɛk


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