Towering flightless Terror Birds.

The gentlest species of Terror Bird. Towering near-black flightless birds with green down covering most of their neck and upper body. Intelligent, and rather good mimics, but not nearly as sophisticated as the much smaller and larger-winged Liar Birds. Can be ridden if trained. They have prominent and oversized heads and hooked beaks, and powerful claws used for raking soil into mounded nests. They are principally vegetarian and prefer the seclusion of dense forest, though some species of Terror Birds, like the Havilan Raptors, are omnivores and build “mound villages” in prairies.
Mostly forest-dwellers, but similar species are endemic to grasslands and have very different plumage and are considerably more aggressive. Onomatopoeically named because of their primary cry, which sounds like “khoo-watl”.
IMAGERY : a Kelenken, or Phorusrhacid generally.
DISTRIBUTION : exotic to Zoar, often found about the forests of Mount Ur-Atu.
LANGUAGE : primarily Y’lan, otherwise can be Khwatau in Zmeezh.
PHONETIC : xwɒtl



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