Hoofed celestial bipeds with four faces on a single head.

Hoofed bipeds with four faces on a single head. Taller even than the Saraf, they reach 7 cubits in height (10½ feet, 3.2 meters) and are always accompanied by a glowing crystalline orb called a ja-kheroub of about two cubits in diameter.
Ethereal denizens of the highest heaven. Almost never speak. It’s suspected they share something akin to a communal mind, which is possibly why they never seem to verbally communicate with each other.
It is believed that their physical appearance is only a kind of hologram and that their crystalline sphere is the real creature.
DISTRIBUTION : Predominately found about the court or the presence of The El, and rarely anywhere else.
MONIKERS : Four-face/s
PHONETIC : xɛɹˈuːb (Kheroob, plural) ˈxɛɹʊb (Kheroub, singular)

Kheroub, ja-kheroub


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