Small, hairless, semi-intelligent humanoids.

Khalan appear very similar to the Elim, except for their greatly diminished size and near total hairlessness, narrow shoulders, large eyes, and protruding mouse-like ears. They are more intelligent than the Y’hala (or at least more communicative) though not quite the equal of the Elim.
They are infamous for being “double jointed”, having a near-serpentine flexibility, and are masters of escape. Neither sex wears clothes except for a simple loin cloth, and copious strands of beaded jewelry that pertain to their clan status.
Like the Y’hala, males can’t grow beards like the Ish, and they too are a mostly silent race, preferring to communicate with hand gestures and facial signs; however, when resorting to vocal speech, like the Y’hala, they employ Y’lan, the language of the Elim. Despite their preference for non-vocal communication, the acuity of their hearing is by far superior to any other indigenous Elim race.
Completely unlike the Y’hala and Elim, children are raised in patriarchal clans where polygamy is the norm, and unwed males often live alone or drift into Elim communities as servants or crafts-folk. Though small, they are very aggressive if provoked and will readily fight to the death. Their skill in craft-work is legendary. Another of their special abilities is their deep affinity with animals and understanding of bestial speech. Thus they are often employed as shepherds and animal handlers, or as tinkers.
Females are irresistibly drawn to dominant leaders, so weaker males never sire. Akadians readily abduct them for their Tinker labor force, where they remain intensely loyal to their Anaki overlords.
DISTRIBUTION : Mostly along rivers and lakes in small villages, and tend to avoid other Elim unless ostracized or captured.
PHONETIC : xʌˈlɑːn


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