Enok's only real friend on Zoar.

Zmee female. Hrazul the Wise. Zmee First Disciple of the Oracle of Maps. Senior disciple of Oracle Zoia and the only real friend of Enok on Zoar.
Slain by Refa Dragon Slayer. Named Hra-Zul (Zuli’s Glory) by her egg-bearer, Zelen.
She treated Enok like a pet, for she was studying all known lore about the Elim and the Ish, and had long been taking detailed notes about his physiology, anatomy and psychology.  She was also an avid butterfly collector and breeder, and called Enok Enokhi, which was also the Zmee name for the great iridescent blue butterfly native to the promontory of Sha-Noa.
Before being slain, she was elevated to the office of a Biotist Oracle, becoming Hrazul the Wise, the Oracle of Ish.

MONIKERS : First Disciple (public), Wise-Eye (public), Hrazul (private), Hrazul the Wise (intimate).
PHONETIC : hʀʌˈzʊl


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