Grand Flats

The largest island in the Gihon Delta.

The largest island in the Gihon Delta. It  is situated on the eastern edge of the Gihon river, and is only one of two islands that have any of its banks exposed directly to the river and unencumbered by a sea of reeds — the other being the isle of Lamek.

Because of its easy access, early settlers led by Eyda and Mati judged it too easy an access point for enemies as well, and therefore shunned it. However, in succeeding generations it became a major trading center.

Unbeknownst to the Marshlanders, in distant times past, when tides were against them, the Zoaran Zmee used to berth and hide their ocean-going vessels between it forks during their pilgrimage to Mount Ur-Atu. The space between the forks is itself a product of ancient Zmee enterprise.  



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