A homing pigeon‑like lizard .

A small, flocking, near-featherless, pigeon‑like reptile with a swan-like neck and serpentine flat arrowhead tail. Have a strong homing instinct, even if released at great remove. Commonly roost on the ground near settlements where food scraps abound. They are generally seed-eaters, but will peck at almost anything. They have a strong homing instinct are often used by Elim tribes as messenger birds.
To Zmee they are “rock-birds”, because they look like rocks when at repose with their head under their wings, and generally remain motionless to the point of being trampled upon. Only direct physical contact or very loud noises disturb them.
DISTRIBUTION : Nearly universal, but exotic to Zoar.
LANGUAGE : Zmeezh. Known as a Gholub or Rock-pigeons by others.
PHONETIC : ˈɣɒlʊʤ



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