The Fallen

"Fallen" Elder Gods who have irreversibly taken physical form.

These are the ruthless “fallen” Elder Gods from another heaven who have irreversibly taken physical form in order to breed with the terrestrial races — primarily Elim Ishah, but also Khalan and Y’hala. Having irreversiby taken physical form, their metaphysical powers are greatly dimished or non-existent. However, their physcal prowess, knowledge, and intellect are extraordinary.
Their offspring are the mixed-race para-human Anaki.
The term “fallen” itself is a pejorative. They prefer to refer to themselves as the Glorious Ones. Like the Elder Gods (which they were before assuming physical form), The Fallen form the pinnacle of Anaki (rather Akadian) society, and seek to wrest all dominion of El’A from its rightful principal custodians, namely the Elim.

Nephilim, Glorious Ones


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