Giant angelic beings. They do not have wings.

A race of gigantic Elim‑like beings (or Eloi) from a higher heaven sent by The El to fight on behalf of the Elim. They stand over 6 cubits tall ( 9 feet, or 2.7 meters).
Excepting their greater size, they are very similar in appearance to the Elim (the Ish & Ishah), and usually have voluminous hair ranging between blonde to completely white, which is often tied in tails or left loose to the shoulder. As concerning the Woebegin saga, owing to their prodigious strength and capabilities, as well as their fearsome appearance, they generally appear in military or policing roles, and are very particular about the uniform that identifies their rank and function.
Their devotion to precision and protocol is as profound as their general lack of humor.
PHONETIC: ɛl bɛˈneɪ


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