Giant trans-humans.

A collective term for the giant sterile offspring (“mules”) of The Fallen (the fallen Elder Gods) and terrestrial females — of mostly, but not necessarily, Elim Ishah. Anaki adults tend to be indistinguishable from their Fallen parent, so the term Anaki is loosely used of any giant.
Often called “Sons of the Gods,” since the mules are overwhelmingly born male. In later centuries this became corrupted to “Sons of God.”
Y’hala females also bear the gods barren offspring. It’s not known whether The Fallen can sire Anaki offspring of Wahoona, Khalan or other humanoid races. The suspicion is that they cannot. But indeed, they dare not, for Wahoona have been known to kill both Anaki and The Fallen when they tried; and the Khalan are physically too small.
Despite their obvious sterility, Anaki continue to consider it their sacred mission to eventually sire progeny of terrestrial females, and especially progeny that aren’t barren.
IMAGERY : Giant humanoids with six digits, often with high, elongated skulls, and sometimes with double rows of teeth.
PHONETIC : æˈnɑːkɪ

Sons of the Gods, Godlings


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