A small square pyramid etched with runes.

A square pyramid of white stone, covered in runes, standing about five cubits tall on a raised circular dais near the Reliquary. The Azhakh-Na cabal believe it to be a timepiece signaling when the Ascending Way was open. But it has never been active in living memory. Though smaller in scale, its geometry is identical to the Reliquary. Both are found in the Ra’a-Zohari city common.
Because the hope has long persisted that it would be active again someday, smaller copies of the almanac and its dais are found in the city common of all other Zoraran cities. The mostly subterranean enclaves of Yashau-Zaar are the notable exceptions.


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Lost World Tributes

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André SkoroBogáty.

The Lost World Tributes imprint aspires to publish stimulating fantasy fiction that invites reflection on Biblical themes — specifically from the supernatural viewpoint espoused by the Book of Enoch.

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