Be transported to the antediluvian world — an epoch of gods and giants, serpents, and mortals, each struggling for supremacy.

Prepare yourself for an imaginative retelling of the very beginning that will take you back to the very first of days — and beyond

This is no light fantasy. Enok is a book that will envelop you ... 
and leave you deeply touched   — [1] 

 ... masterfully penned, the storytelling is captivating, 
the lessons are powerful — Self Publishing Review [1] 

Action packed and well written ... 
as cerebral as it is beautiful  — [2]

... impressive retelling of biblical myth — Blue Ink Reviews

 ... immensely satisfying ... [a] unique and thoughtfully 
conceived saga — Self Publishing Review [2] 

... will appeal to fantasy lovers and to 
those who respect the Bible — Self Publishing Review [3] [1]
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This is no light fantasy ... Enok is a book that will envelop you ... and leave you deeply touched
Self Publishing Reviews [1]
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... will appeal to fantasy lovers and as much, one suspects, to those who respect the Bible, but may have speculated about a pre-Biblical timeframe that SkoroBogáty has so vividly fashioned. [2]
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Action packed and well written. As cerebral as it is beautiful.
Self Publishing Reviews [2]
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... immensely satisfying in its endeavor to put a spotlight on such intriguing mythical beings that are mentioned so lightly in the Bible as the Nephilim, The Watchers, and the Serpent of Eden ... [a] unique and thoughtfully conceived saga.
Blue Ink Reviews
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... an impressive retelling of biblical myth.
Self Publishing Reviews [3]
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... masterfully penned, the storytelling is captivating, the lessons are powerful, and the creativity threading through these pages is undeniable.
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André SkoroBogáty.

The Lost World Tributes imprint aspires to publish stimulating fantasy fiction that invites reflection on Biblical themes — specifically from the supernatural viewpoint espoused by the Book of Enoch.

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